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Actual programs 2021/2022

Musical Baltic Tours

A tour to the Baltic States will undoubtedly bring great aesthetic pleasure to lovers of classical music. Throughout the summer season you can enjoy various international festivals for symphony and opera music on the best modern stages.                  It has been a tradition since 1998 to end the Riga opera season with the Riga Opera Festival, where the highlights of the year are played with the participation of European stars on the opera stage..

In 2020 the symphonic music festival Riga-Jurmala will take place for the second time with the participation of world stars. The new festival in Latvia has already been awarded the EFFE label by the European Association of Festivals.

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Green Baltic

The three Baltic republics belong to those blessed corners of the planet where you can still enjoy the preserved nature, green forests, picturesque lakes, can walk nature trails in nature reserves, breathe clean sea air and lie on a soft sandy beach and get a boost of energy and health. A great opportunity to change the picture, to get rid of the stress of everyday life, to give rest to thoughts, to renew feelings. All this is very close to cozy oases of modern civilization, providing a usual comfort to travelers. We will take care of your convenience and interesting programs rich in a variety of relevant and cultural-historical subjects. Nature reserves and National parks with unique moraine landscapes created by the whim of the last ice age await you.

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Cultural-historical Baltic

The region of the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea is one of the richest in historical vicissitudes, where the fate of many nations, religious views and traditions intertwined. The territory, which has become a bridge between civilizations, cultures and peoples, keeps many centuries of secrets and, revealing them to an interested traveler, helps to look deeper into yourself and your picture of the world. Three small republics on the shores of the Baltic Sea have had a history of their national independence since 1918 and have brought three unique components to the treasury of the world culture. We hope that our programs will help to come to a greater trust and understanding of other people, to make the world closer and friendlier, and of course, will make your vacation interesting and eventful.

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