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Educational programmes

DMC VIA Baltic offers tourist and corporate groups to visit a creative painting workshop in the private art gallery. It is located in a quiet centre of Riga, which is famous for the unique buildings, created by well-known architects in Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) style, typical for the beginning of the last century. You will be given a unique opportunity to get positive emotions and discover the way to the artistic development and self-perfection in the cosy creative atmosphere.

Step by step, the workshop participants get acquainted with the technique of drawing subject to chosen materials (oil, acrylic, gouache, pastel, watercolours) and create their own works under the guidance of professionals. Participants are provided with all necessary accessories (canvas, paper or cardboard, paints, palette, brushes etc.). Work begins from the choice of themes (for example, Riga streets, a still life etc.) and ends with finishing or drying, depending on the chosen technique. Participants of the workshop take completed works along with them in memory of Riga and classes in the art studio.

DMC VIA Baltic offers to visit various creative workshops: pottery, textile or processing of amber.