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Medical tourism

Latvia attracts with picturesque, primordial nature, forests and sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea; therefore, serenity and physical health, found here, will be the most valuable outcome of a trip. It is easily accessible by any mode of transport – air, land or sea. Payment system, generally accepted in Europe; developed public transport network; high quality services and friendly prices create feeling of reliability and comfort. Therapeutic muds - peat and sapropelic – are being used in health resorts of Jurmala. Mineral waters are of great importance in health improvement; they are used both for ingestion and therapeutic hydrosulphuric baths.

DMC VIA Baltic offers medical and wellness tours, in the course of which one can go through medical examination and treatment of highly qualified specialists in the area of reproductive health, phlebology, dermatology, ophthalmology, dentistry and plastic surgery. For more details see Wellness process could be combined with tourist excursions.