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Active tourism

Opportunities for active recreation in the Baltic countries are versatile. Bicycle touring is one of the most popular of them today. Only in Latvia there have been plotted a hundred and fifty bicycle routes with maps, descriptions, schemes and support of a cycle guide.

Fans of bicycle rides especially grow fond of the Daugavas Loki (Meanders of the Daugava) Nature Park, located in Kraslava and Daugavpils area – a corner of the most beautiful nature of Latgale with the unique landscape of the Daugava valley. There are individual sights and places of recreation on all bicycle routes and adjacent paths, for example, near lakes.

Lasting from two to seven days, rides on horsebacks in the Daugavas Loki Nature Park at the border of Latvia with Belarus are an unusual, but extremely exciting kind of active tourism. They provide services of a guide-instructor, horse with outfit, night lodging, meals and one-time visit to sauna. At guests’ request, the programme can be combined with boating or rafting.